For the second challenge, MECAD and Solid Solutions was tasked once again to design a kicking tee. A vital piece to the game that is utilized on game day as well as on the practice field.

Design Intent:

As a kicking tee serves a basic purpose, the question we asked ourselves was how we can design it by staying true to existing but showcase a level of sophistication and innovation.

The first step we took was to look at the tools we have available at our disposal. One tool stood out from the rest. This tool is the xShape app (3DSculptor Role) from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. This thus provided up with flexibility to design the following:

1. Kicking platform

From the centre of the field, the xShape app starts us off with the kicking platform. This portion of the design provided us with the flexibility and freedom to design a shape that will be functional and original.

2. Base of Tee
This portion of the design is now imported into SOLIDWORKS where we will add the base of the tee. The base will make it easier for the kick taker to place and align the rugby ball as desired. The seamless transition from xShape to SOLIDWORKS make it easier to provide

3. Ready for Production
After producing the desired result, MECAD takes it one step further by running a Plastic Simulation through SIMULIA.

“Keep it simple. When you get too complex, you forget the obvious” – Al McGuire


Kicking Platform

The first portion of the design resides within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. By choosing a primitive shape to start off the design, it makes it easier to obtain the desired result.

For this design, we opted for the Torus shape as this will provide us a good platform to design from.

By using the xShape app tools, we are able to achieve the desired result.

Before finalizing the idea, we are able to do a draft analysis (perfect for engineers within the Plastics Industry). We are now able to update the model where the draft updates accordingly.

Base of Tee
Upon completion of xShape design, the model is saved and imported into SOLIDWORKS.

From this model, we are able to add the additional features to make the design. We thus add the base and cut-outs for aesthetic and provide balance when placed on the grass. 

The challenge we faced with a custom design is the method in which we will represent South Africa. We thus took the accents of the National Flag to represent Mzanzi.


Check out Solid Solutions' blog on Creating a Kicking Tee - Modelling Walkthrough 


Concluding remarks

Combining the CAD capabilities of the 3DSculptor and SOLIDWORKS provides a platform of flexibility as the tools of each platform helps us reach the desired goal. This is helpful when designing shapes that is close to impossible in SOLIDWORKS but very much possible within the 3DEXPERIENCE where the degrees of freedom make it easier with the 3DSculptor role.

Finally we will be hosting a joint tips and tricks webcast with Solid Solutions using all the models we've created for these challenges next Friday, we will share more modelling advice as well as showing how we created the renders and animations using SOLIDWORKS Visualize and more. We hope this will be useful to any SOLIDWORKS user so if you're interested please sign up here!

Author: Wesley Sapto
Enjoy some of these brilliant Visualize renders done by Wian Vermaak.

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