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CAD software has allowed us to make very complex designs very easy, however, what has always been a consequence of these capabilities is the difficulty in sharing and conveying these CAD designs to internal and External Stakeholders that might not have access to the same CAD software or even any knowledge of drawings and CAD designs.

Tools like “Pack and Go” have made it easy to share designs with those that also have SOLIDWORKS, ensuring that all the required files are packaged into a single zip or folder, ensuring no information or file is missing. However, when it comes to sharing with non-CAD users, tools like eDrawings have traditionally been used to convey CAD designs in 2D and 3D.

However, these are not perfect solutions, they require special software and an app to use and then require downloading the CAD designs themselves as well, something that requires using specific types of devices like a Windows PC.

Even once these hurdles have been overcome, getting feedback on the design you shared also becomes tricky, requiring back-and-forth screenshots or file sharing trying to convey what you mean.

With the new SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services, the process of sharing and markup, and feedback on files are turned into a single button in SOLIDWORKS, requiring no special apps to view the files, no downloads are required, and making the generation of markup and feedback a simple process of drawing directly on the CAD files and adding a comment, all from within any web browser, be it on a desktop, laptop, mac, tablet, or even a phone! 

Please see the video below with how to make use of the cloud services feature included with all new SOLIDWORKS Licenses:


If you’d like to test out the “viewer” side of this, click here. NOTE: Best viewed on Desktop. You'll need a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, and can sign up once you arrive on the linked page.

The Cloud Services that drive this share and markup feature are included with all new SOLIDWORKS licenses purchased after 1 July 2023.

you’d like to add this feature to your existing license, please reach out to for more information. 

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