Why do I need SOLIDWORKS training?

Like most aspects of any engineering industry, training and constant upskilling is a vital part of the overall success of a company.

Enrolling in a SOLIDWORKS training course is by far the best way to take full advantage of the platform and secure optimal efficiency across the design office. SOLIDWORKS is one of the most user-friendly applications to date, however, without training users end up feeling frustrated with simple design tasks, resulting in taking much longer to complete a project.

With the training courses offered by MECAD, users will grow their skill set quickly by being exposed to the vast feature suite and capabilities in SOLIDWORKS in a structured manner. By utilising all aspects of the application correctly, users can implement the best design intent and always maintain good data quality.

Training is the only way to unleash the power of SOLIDWORKS, stop working hard and start working smart!

Where do I start my training journey?

The SOLIDWORKS Essentials course is the best way to establish a foundation. This course is designed to teach users the core fundamentals of the entire SOLIDWORKS application.

Users will be exposed to design technics within the Part, Assembly and Drawing environment to establish design intent, which will serve as the bread and butter of any design industry. New CAD users, seasoned users of other CAD systems and veteran SOLIDWORKS users can all benefit from Essentials training. Once a user is confident with the fundamentals, they will be able to move over to the advanced courses, opening the door to endless design capabilities.

By getting up to speed quickly, while using the best modelling practices, SOLIDWORKS Essentials course ultimately ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for all industries.

MECAD Systems Training Assessments: finding the right course

Due to the complexity and technical nature of some design tasks, it can be challenging to find the right training course.

We understand that not all the topics covered in a specific training program will apply to your design standards and workflows, which is why MECAD offers the best method to assess a design office and identify shortcomings.

The assessment is a tool to gauge the level of core knowledge and capabilities of each user in a drawing office. Some SOLIDWORKS users say, “I don’t know what I don’t know” because the software constantly evolves with new ways to speed up your designs and increase productivity across the board. By assessing your team and recommending training courses based on the results we’re able to remove the hurdles most offices face when it comes to collaboration within SOLIDWORKS.

These are standard assessments; however, we can create custom assessments to cater for the unique design environments and company standards within each industry.

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