In the latest release of SOLIDWORKS for 2024, the developers have truly outdone themselves by introducing a range of new features that enhance productivity and bring about significant quality of life improvements.

These additions not only save time but also contribute to a smoother workflow. Let's delve into some of our favourite features from this impressive update, and keep in mind that these are just a few highlights among the numerous improvements introduced. 

1. Save as Previous Versions 

One groundbreaking feature introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2024 is the ability to save files back to previous versions of the software. This game-changing addition allows users to work on the latest version with all its advantages while still being able to save it as a previous version for collaboration with suppliers or manufacturers.

This functionality extends all the way back to 2022 and is applicable to Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings. Whether using Pack and Go or the Save As option, it includes all referenced documents. It's essential to note that while most features can be saved with older versions, some new ones might not be compatible due to entirely new code. 

2. Add Sketch Dimensions with Dimension Preview 

Adding dimensions is now faster and more intuitive than ever, thanks to SOLIDWORKS 2024's dimension preview feature. Without even activating the Dimension tool, users can select a sketch entity, click on the grey preview of the dimension, and input the value. Different types of dimensions can be added by Ctrl-selecting various entities.

This improvement represents a significant quality of life upgrade within SOLIDWORKS. 

3. Use Existing Sketches for Hole Wizard Features 

In the 2024 release, SOLIDWORKS introduces a more flexible approach to adding Hole Wizard features. Unlike before, where only Sketch Points in a 2D or 3D sketch were accepted, you can now utilize existing 2D sketches.

These features are added wherever there is an endpoint of a solid or construction line, allowing users to skip instances if all endpoints are not needed. 


4. STEP File Preview 

A noteworthy addition for companies working with STEP files is the ability to preview the file before importing it into SOLIDWORKS. This feature streamlines the process, allowing users to select specific parts for import rather than importing the entire assembly.

A significant time-saving capability for those regularly dealing with STEP files. 

5. Add Multiple Custom Properties When Creating a Note 

In the 2024 release, SOLIDWORKS has enhanced the Link to Property dialog, allowing it to stay open while creating text strings composed of multiple property links.

This improvement significantly streamlines the process of creating compound notes, representing a substantial time saver for users. 

6. Sheetmetal Stamp Feature for Forming Tools 

Forming tools become more accessible in SOLIDWORKS 2024 with the introduction of the Sheetmetal Stamp feature. Users can now use any 2D sketch to "Stamp" a shape into a Sheetmetal part. This involves selecting the sketch, clicking on the "Stamp" command, and adjusting fillets and drafts as needed.

This feature simplifies the forming tool process, making it more user-friendly and efficient. 


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